Friday, September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Hey,Eid Mubarak to Everyone guys. The biggest festival for the Muslim World is going to be celebrated by the Muslims of whole world Today/Tomorrow..
Best wishes to everyone.Hope you enjoy the Eid Get Together with your Friends and Family.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Catalyst of Linkin Park

waiting for the Honor of Madal album of  Linkin Park.. its coming on 14th September....I like the Catalyst song very much..whats about you??

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Poetry 'TRUE LIFE'

True Life

Life is critical,Full of battle
I'm a warrior I always forget my past yet I don't know who's me and what my luck
at last.
Life is a time,Full of crime
I do what I want I try what i can't.
Life is an experience,Full of intelligence
I fail to deter my anger,So i always fall in danger.
Life is a story,Full of worry
I have some yet I want more for my overcome.
Life is a challenge,Full of courage
I fall down,again I get up cause I have to win the crown.
Life is a wish,Full of dreams
I hate even my progress if it doesn't bring any success.
Life is a mystery,Full of history
I take everything easy but I don't know why something makes me so crazy.
Life is a basket,Full of mistake
I think I'm always alright but its often false to others side.
Life is a TEST,Go ahead dear friends

" BY'
(Rights Reserved)

My Poetry 'Turn Me Back'

"Turn Me Back"

How many years left we back,did you ever go to check?
Time ahead isn't so long,we realize once when it's gone.
Seconds to minute & minutes to hour,
Make a day seems goes very slower.
Weeks to month and months to Year, We then realize the days went away forever.
Lets be there, no fuss, no rush, just Love,peace & freedom where.
No fear,no tear no shouting of hunger so far,
Share,care, living together to work for welfare.
How many years left we back,did you ever go to check ?
Whats your fame, what've you done lately?
What've you left to make you alive even if you die so shortly?
Lets be there, no crime, no grim no fighting where.
No war no murder no more causes to make you cry.
Wish the day comes when everybody keeps smiling ,falls no more tears,
No race,No enemy to make you fear . . . . . .

My Poetry 'Life's Tune'

" Life's Tune"

Life is so Tough
Difficult to find some moments to Laugh..
So I always feel great Always I am HappY,
Cause I know Life is only one It has no CopY..
Laugh heart out,Forget the sorrows
Enjoy together whatever leave for Later..
Whenever things go wrong,tears surround you all Alone,
Don't be sad much,Don't Break your life's tune.
Life is Fake,
Nobody knows what moves it can Take.
So don't wait for Luck what moves on your Works..... 
(Rights Reserved) By "Shakil"

My Poetry 'You-7'

YOU - 7

You are a beautiful horizon of nature
A real picture everyone tries to capture
I run after alone with my shadow
Over the hills, deep oceans , desert or large meadow
I cut my toes, fall down and injure my knee
Keep my eyes always ahead to see
I get tired, lie down but keep me going
I don't care dangers, don’t realize what I’m doing
Night comes, darkness covers my way
I don’t stop, don't wait for morning’s sun’s ray
Thunderstorm, lightening
Sometimes its wind, Sometimes raining
Make me frightened and tell me to come back
Wish, bravery everything I have nothing lacks
I am always here, Always ahead to see you
Facing all the difficulties in my life ever new
(Rights Reserved)
(To be continued)

My Poetry 'Come Back'

" Come Back "

Hey,I have been waiting for you so long,
No response where have you gone?.
Sweet memories are getting old,
I wrapped them into a paper and kept inside many folds,
I listen your words alive long since you spoke.
The memories with you can never be forgot.
Keeping glance one another,hide & sick together.
Oh,how can I forget that pleasure..
I can't believe in my life I would get someone so closer..
Even if you think its a game,Its okay but I can't be the loser.
Forget my mistakes,forget those all,
Come back soon its already late Fall. 

Shakil. . . . .Rights Reserved.

My Poetry 'Castle In The Air'

"Caslte In The Air"

I walk on my way nobody knows where I might go.
Whats my destination where I want to belong.
I wish something I can never gain,
It doesn't mean I never try it to begin.
I spend my times making castles in the air,
Sudden storm breaks my dreams and burns into fire.
I fly above someone could think.
I know some day I have to go away somewhere would have no link..
My memories always drag me in past,
Graps me tightly & oppose me going forward so fast..
I hardly leave a deep breath
Because I know failure is the pillar of success..

Rights Reserved.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nice to see I have created my own page without anyone's help !

I am really happy to see i have created and designed this page.
Now I can post my update easily...Yahoooooooooooooo !!

Hi to visitors

Hi, whats up? Glad to tell you it's my only page i want to update my daily and weekly plans,study,sports,music all other stuffs i would like to share you.
here you browse to stay close with skyboy.
take care....see you .

This is one of Eminem's pic ..My favorite Rap singer .!