Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Poetry 'TRUE LIFE'

True Life

Life is critical,Full of battle
I'm a warrior I always forget my past yet I don't know who's me and what my luck
at last.
Life is a time,Full of crime
I do what I want I try what i can't.
Life is an experience,Full of intelligence
I fail to deter my anger,So i always fall in danger.
Life is a story,Full of worry
I have some yet I want more for my overcome.
Life is a challenge,Full of courage
I fall down,again I get up cause I have to win the crown.
Life is a wish,Full of dreams
I hate even my progress if it doesn't bring any success.
Life is a mystery,Full of history
I take everything easy but I don't know why something makes me so crazy.
Life is a basket,Full of mistake
I think I'm always alright but its often false to others side.
Life is a TEST,Go ahead dear friends

" BY'
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