Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Poetry 'You-7'

YOU - 7

You are a beautiful horizon of nature
A real picture everyone tries to capture
I run after alone with my shadow
Over the hills, deep oceans , desert or large meadow
I cut my toes, fall down and injure my knee
Keep my eyes always ahead to see
I get tired, lie down but keep me going
I don't care dangers, don’t realize what I’m doing
Night comes, darkness covers my way
I don’t stop, don't wait for morning’s sun’s ray
Thunderstorm, lightening
Sometimes its wind, Sometimes raining
Make me frightened and tell me to come back
Wish, bravery everything I have nothing lacks
I am always here, Always ahead to see you
Facing all the difficulties in my life ever new
(Rights Reserved)
(To be continued)

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